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James Blinkhorn was born in Manchester in 1966 into an artistic family. At school James was considered outstanding and from a very young age he was actually taken out of lessons to paint. James received commissions from staff and parents and as a teenager he was runner up in a major art competition. So in the matter of a career choice James says quite simply, "there was no choice!" 

After studying at Tameside College of Art James Blinkhorn set up his studio in Cheshire. As a result of featuring in a series of successful one-man shows in the local area, James quickly established a formidable reputation in the artistic community as a creative and versatile young talent. In the early days James Blinkhorn was inspired by unconventional outdoor scenes that combined interesting shapes, textures and colours; a particular favourite was his local scrapyard, especially on a rainy day. James liked to explore the idea of man's incursion on the environment and the obvious next step for his work was the cityscape. With success came the opportunity to travel the world in his quest to absorb the sights, sounds and atmospheres of his chosen subjects, and this experience has informed James's stunning depictions of New York as well as various European locations . 

James Blinkhorn loves to experiment with art materials and creates his atmospheric images in a wide variety of media. James exhibits in galleries in Europe, the USA and across the UK and has a range of prestigious private and corporate collectors.James Blinkhorn's work in on show in the boardrooms of such prestigious companies as BT and Siemens.