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Now an established artist residing  in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Kevin Day has achieved much recognition in a remarkably short period of time. Having gained collectors World wide and Exhibited in major galleries in London and Italy.

Mostly known for figurative narrative subjects he also undertakes various projects including Portraiture and Landscapes. 

Kevin’s school of thought, conscious or not, is that each painting portray a sense of soul and mood. Even the  simplest portrait or still life should  possess qualities that move the viewer and  leave a lasting impression and wanting to look at it again and again. It is this force of communication that is his drive and purpose as a visual artist.

The main body of his work is figurative narrative. Taking influence from Sargent , Vermeer, Sorrola, Le Page, he depicts people in everyday scenes and environments or in  staged scenarios where the figures are played as if characters in a film.

Kevin works in oils as well as Charcoal, Pencil, and pen sketches.